In 2006, through a grant from Lambeth Council, the Friends were able to commission an Urban Framework Plan in order to have a guideline as to what improvements could be made to the Gardens. Following a competition held by the London Borough of Lambeth, the architects Deborah Saunt and Tom Greenall of DSDHA were selected to develop a long-term strategy for the future of this historic park. The plan was widely referenced with the entire community and has formed the basis of all subsequent improvements within the park and its adjoining environs.  The Garden's location within the Vauxhall - Nine Elms - Battersea (VNEB) development area places it at a strategic position within the network of green spaces that are intended to stretch from Lambeth Palace to Battersea Park. DSDHA’s framework plan is now used to allocate Section 106 funds for much needed regeneration in the Gardens. A number of phases of work have been already implemented in this order: 1. The Multi Use Games Area ( MUGA)  sports pitch with elm tree square and improved lighting.  2. The Entrance to the Gardens on Kennington Lane ( see separate entry).  3. The re-landscaping of the mounds by the entrance at Kennington Lane in order to improve safety and open vistas into the Gardens. Forthcoming phases will be the installation of  two statues on the columns at the entrance and the improvement of Goding Street.