RVT Under Threat

Watch the video in the Guardian about the threat to the Royal Vauxhall Tavern:


Feeling Bouncy?

After the Southbank  Bounceway project was cancelled , Architecture for Humanity has approached Lambeth and are trying to find a space in or around Vauxhall Pleasure Gardens to install a Bounceway. What do you think? For those who are interested we can send the PDF for the full proposal. Just write to us at: info@fovpg.com

Lost Dragon

Can anyone help find this dragon? The new Games of Thrones is about to start and we cannot risk incurring in the wrath of her/his older siblings.

Sleepover anyone?

This morning this happy camper was brushing his teeth after a night in the park. He then packed the tent and rode away on  a bicycle taking his home with him.

Chris' new look. SOO Vauxhall!

Finally Chris Law of VauxhallOne sheds his preppy look and fully embraces the Vauxhall spirit! He claims the new hair style was instigated by his children for Red Nose Day...  Maybe, but we hope he will soon sport other adventurous hairdos and colours. Well Done Chris!

Good morning! 9 am and the police makes some arrests in the Gardens

This morning at about 9 am the Met Police was busy arresting some individuals near one of the sculpted benches. You could not miss the scene as there were no less than 3 police vehicles parked by the bench. While it is good to see the Force performing their duty and being present in the park, it is sad that this is still necessary. 

New Works in the gardens

A lot is happening in VPG!

1. The mounds near the entrance are being lowered and reshaped. Increased  visibility into the park hopefully will reduce some of the anti-social behaviour we have recently experienced.

2. The building of Cabinet Gallery is well on it way and should be completed by  beginning of 2016. With the Damian Hirst's gallery soon opening in Newport Street, this should put the VPG on the 'Arts Corridor from the Tate Modern to Chelsea.

3. The bit on front of the Tea House Theatre is being re-landscaped ( thanks to 106 money) and should add a bit more shape and green to the park and the adjacent playground.