Jonathan Tyers and His First Two Decades at Vauxhall, 1729-1750
Canaletto, Vauxhall Gardens, The Grove and Grand Walk, oil on canvas, c. 1751
Lucy Askew, Model of the Vauxhall Gardens, 1984, Victoria and Albert Museum
 J.S.Muller after S.Wale, The Triumphal Arches, Mr Handel’s Statue, etc, in the South Walk of Vauxhall  Gardens, c1840 (David Coke collection).
J.S.Muller after Canaletto, A View of the Temple of Comus etc, in the Vauxhall  Gardens, c. 1751, engraving (David Coke collection).
Louis Francois Roubiliac, George Frideric Handel, Carrara marble, 1738, Victoria and Albert Museum
A.C. Pugin and J. Bluck after T. Rowlandson, Vauxhall Gardens, 1809, from Ackermann’s Microcosm of London III, pl.88.
Vauxhall The Royal Sneak, or, Mrs. Etiquette Driving the Prince from the Fete at Vauxhall, published 1813 by J. Johnston, London.jpg
Anonymous, A Vauxhall Masquerade, c.1840, British Museum
J. Maurer, A Perspective View of Vaux Hall Garden, 1744
Smith, The Citizen at Vauxhall, published by Harrison & Co, 1784
George Cruikshank, Tom, Jerry and Logic, making the most of an Evening at Vauxhall, engraving (David Coke's collection), 1821
Madame Saqui at Vauxhall, engraving, c.1816-20
Robert Cruikshank, C.H. Simpson Esq. M.C.R.G.V., engraving, 1833
Poster, June 1835
Final Decades of the Gardens, 1820-1859
The Grounds of the Gardens in the 1940s and 50s
The same view today
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