Miniature Schnauzer puppy Halston
Dolly, Margaret's new pug poses for the camera
Little puppy Betty
Gem with her puppy Louie
Staffie Prince with his owner Peter
Portia , Paola's wheaten Norwich Terrier puppy
Monty, whose owner was born and bred here
Archie in the Hugo Bugg Garden
Maggie and Molly with their owner William
Buckley and Freddie
Smokey and owner
Czar with his owner Linda, two absolute regulars in the Gardens
Chad and owner
Oli, who just moved here from Madrid
Spot and Kylie with their owner
 Molly and her lovely owner
Veronica and Eamonn
Gentle labrador Charlie Brown
Poppy being walked by a Blue Cross volunteer as her owner can no longer do it herself
Fatima trying to convince Cindy and Petra to pose for the picture
Bertie with owner John
Waggers, puppy and famous hotel receptionist being walked by a colleague
Pan, a support dog who takes break from duty and plays ball with his wheelchair bound owner
Mango, whose owner teaches singing to children and mums at the Tea House
Hailey and Spot
Favourite Position
Molly and Simba
Bronte meets little Portia
Joker having his bone 'al fresco'
Chocolate and black Labradors Billy and Jack
Primo is dismayed by the 'Touched us? wash your hands' sign
Primo R.I.P.
Paddy R.I.P.
Goat at the farm
Jerry and friends in the paddocks
Tom and Jerry, the farm's alpacas
Portia meets Jerry , the alpaca in the paddock
The Farm's sheep foraging in the sun
Could I see your parking permit, please?
Riding school
Horses come home from (riding) school
Jenny and Edward
Finally that FedEx package has arrived!
Hairdo inspiration from poultry
And another one
And one more
Chicken Run: Contemplating an escape....
...and that will be a nice change from pigeon dinner!
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